Let There Be LIGHT

A Christmas story like Hollywood Used to make...

Reeling from tragic loss, a man struggles to renew himself, regain his family, and reimagine his faith, 

in a love story for the ages. 

Who's involved?

Produced by...

Executive Producer Sean Hannity

Producer Kevin Sorbo

Producer Sam Sorbo

Producer Dan Gordon


Kevin Sorbo

Sam Sorbo

Dionne Warwick

Travis Tritt

Michael Franzese

Daniel Roebuck 

Donielle Artese

Written by...

Story by Dan Gordon and Sam Sorbo

Screenplay by Sam Sorbo and Dan Gordon

"Let There Be Light" is a movie with a heart. Moving beyond entertainment to realistic life issues, it brings light to our darkened world through a story that finds wholeness in the midst of our most pressing concerns.

- Retired Commissioner of The Salvation Army.


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