What Are the Ways Available to Connect the MIDI Keyboard to the Sound Card?

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What Are the Ways Available to Connect the MIDI Keyboard to the Sound Card?

MIDI keyboard is a mandatory tool for the music artists interacting with the digital music machine in their business routines. The equipment plays a significant role in the part of recording and mixing area of the music professionals.

The communication among the musical instruments and the personal computers are established using the musical instrument digital interface protocol.

What is the role of the MIDI Keyboard Device?

The function of the MIDI Keyboard device sends commands to the MIDI devices. The message gets created by pressing the keys on the keyboard. The message is delivered to the devices using the USB cable or MIDI cables. There are two types of messages sent using the keyboard device MIDI CC and MIDI notes.

Methods of connecting the MIDI Keyboard Equipment

There are several approaches available for linking a MIDI keyboard to a sound card present inside the personal computer. You must know about the type of outputs of the MIDI keyboard before connecting the keyboard to the audio interface. There are two main types of output forms: MIDI Inputs and Outputs and the USB Outputs.


The different methods you can connect a MIDI keyboard to your computer device. The initial method is to connect the keyboard to the audio interconnecting device. The second one is directly linking the computer system. The third method connects the MIDI adapter to the computer machine. The user manual provides you guidance and tips to connect a MIDI keyboard to a sound card of the personal computer.

Connecting to the Audio Inter Connecting Device

The connection uses a pair of MIDI cables for connecting the keyboard with an audio interface. The output port of the keyboard gets mapped to the input of the audio interface. The output of the interface gets linked to the input terminal of the keyboard. Thus a loop is created between the components for communication.

Connecting via USB

When your MIDI keyboard has a USB connection in the back part, then you can use this method for connecting to the sound card. The requirement is you need a USB cable that connects the keyboard to the personal computer. The single cable wire connects the devices. Therefore, you don’t worry about the input and output terminals. The last step is to set the DAW to complete the connection procedure.

The other option that connects the keyboard is the usage of the hub. The hub acts as an interface between the keyboard and the computer.