What Is the Role of the Volume Mixer Software in Your Personal Computer?

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What Is the Role of the Volume Mixer Software in Your Personal Computer?

Volume mixer software installed in the Window Desktop Machines provides flexibility in the sound management of the different applications installed on your personal computer. You might know that the Window XP computers offer a general audio feature that controls the audio level of the applications as a whole. The current versions of Windows 7 and other variants use a type of application called Volume Mixer. The application is capable of setting sound for each installed multimedia applications.

A lot of audiophiles use additional hardware like professional headsets, DAC and amplifiers with pair of a volume mixer software. Getting a good DAC will make your library of digital music sound much better than it was before.

How to access the Volume Mixer application installed on the personal computer?

The volume mixer accessed by click the small icon called the adjust system volume button at the end of the taskbar. You can control the volume of all the multimedia applications by either moving up the volume indicator or by moving down. There are many ways to reveal applications in mixer. The simplest way is to click on the mixer link displayed below the volume button when clicked display all the running applications on your personal computer.

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What are the ways to troubleshoot the volume mixer issue?

There are many approaches available to resolve the volume mixer problem of multimedia applications. Some of the methodologies described as follows:

Checking Window Audio service:

You must check the audio service of the window operating system since it is responsible for all the audio-related issues. You need to open the audio service to check whether the volume mixer service is in an active state or blocked state. The service status missing shows applications in mixer which are not running on your machine.

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Reloading the Windows Explorer:

You have to press Ctrl +Shift + Esc keys together to open the task manager window. After that you have to identify the Process Tab and click on the Window Explorer process.

The type of the appearing applications on mixer and running status of the applications gets displayed. You can reinitiate any services by selecting the particular service and then click on that restart option.

Installing PC Repair Tools:

The PC Repair tool is a software tool that is used by people to diagnose all the issues within your personal computer. The software will scan all the drivers, execution files, directories and folders to the problem on the computer. The audio problem gets solved by this method. The method will display the exact problem statement and the solution to sort out the volume problem of the applications used in desktop computers.