How Will You Record Meetings Using Microsoft Teams?

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How Will You Record Meetings Using Microsoft Teams?

The fast-moving business world forces you to attend many business meetings to reach targets in the business domain. The day you have plenty of business meetings, you might have stress that can lead you to miss some of the main points in your projects. The critical situation gets handled by the businesspeople using the software. The Microsoft teams become mandatory software in the business domain. The recording audio on Microsoft teams made simply by just clicking on the record button on the software. The automatic transcription feature enables the user to access the recorded meetings and plays back the meetings as per the user convenience.

What are the methods used for recordings?

recordingsThe Microsoft teams’ software provides guidelines that describe the ways to record meetings on Microsoft teams. The recordings occur on the cloud and stored on the Microsoft organization Stream.

The goal of the Microsoft Team Product:

The software aims to facilitate business people to record any kind of business meeting. The product also supports capturing audio, video and screen sharing activities. The stored files in the Stream can be securely accessed by the people of the organization and shared among the members of the organizations.

Steps involved in Recording a Business Meeting:

You must have awareness about two main things that the video streams cover only four members at one shot not more than four people. The tool is effective for small meeting groups. The shared notes and whiteboard writings are not covered in the meetings. Now you have look at the procedure for recording the business meetings.

How you will record a Business meeting?

When you have to record a meeting then you need to click on meeting controls and then you have to choose more options from the drop-down menu and then you have to click on Start Recording. You will get the notification in the form of the text at the top of the screen. The main point here is you cannot record the same meeting many times. If you record meeting then the team members can access the meeting via the stored copy on the stream. You have to click on the Stop recording button to end the recorded session.

Sharing the Recordings:

Once the recording gets finished, you can access recorded meetings any time from the Microsoft Stream. The starter of the business meeting will receive emails regarding the recorded sessions available on the Stream. Thus you can use the Team software to record the business meetings of the organizations.